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Breaking Down IRAs

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are a type of tax-advantaged account that can help you boost your retirement savings. The most common IRAs you’ll choose from are traditional and Roth IRAs. Both are designed for long-term growth, but there are some key differences, including how your contributions are taxed and when you can withdraw funds. Here…

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How to Take Roth IRA Withdrawals

We are often asked about Roth IRAs, taxes, and inheritance. We want to share an article from a mentor and coach*, Ed Slott. In this article, he’s answering a question specifically about leaving a Roth IRA from a grandparent to a grandchild. How long will they have to take the money out? And will the…

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Short-Term Investing

When you think about short-term investing what comes to mind? We talk about long-term investing strategies regularly, but in this video we walk you through short-term investing. A short-term investment typically seeks to protect capital while generating returns. For many people there are various short-terms inside of a larger long-term. Your financial life is not…

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