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What the New Tax Law Means for Your IRA

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made sweeping changes to the tax laws. How will these changes affect your IRA? Ed Slott breaks down five things you need to know about how the new tax law will impact your IRA. Read the full article here:   (Note: Calvin Goetz is a member of Ed Slott’s…

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2017 Year End Market Commentary

Read our year end commentary for an overview of the market’s performance in 2017, including our thoughts on a surprising equity rally and historically low volatility.

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Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Arguably the most popular buzzword in the global economy right now is “cryptocurrency.” While Bitcoin is currently the most well-known cryptocurrency, most people don’t understand it beyond the hype and reported skyrocketing value. The overarching goal of any cryptocurrency is to replace cash, credit, and electronic wire transactions with a digital medium of exchange that…

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