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Understanding Student Loan Forgiveness

The forgiveness or restructuring of debt is one of the oldest governance mechanisms in the finance sector. From Israel’s years of Jubilee abolishing debts to George Washington’s Debtor’s Prison Relief Act of 1792 restructuring the American debt system and the more modern GI Bill, this mechanism has a long, but infrequent tradition. Now, the current…

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Smart Ways to Save for Your Child’s Education

If you’re a parent, the start of a new school year may have you considering how much you’re able to set aside for your child’s college fund. The national average for annual college tuition for 2022-2023 is over $39,000 for private school and over $10,000 for public, in-state tuition¹. And, that does not include living…

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An Introduction to Bond Ladders

Bonds play an important role in a diverse investment portfolio. As fixed-income securities, they can provide a stable return until they mature. As with any investment, bonds are subject to a certain amount of risk. Interest rate risk, for one, is the possibility that interest rates will rise after an investor buys bonds, causing them…

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