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Wealth Management

5 Tips for Managing a Sudden Financial Windfall

As a generation of Americans grows older, a considerable amount of their personal wealth is transferring to younger family members. In fact, over 60 trillion dollars is expected to change hands by 2026. You may acquire sudden wealth in other ways, such as the sale of a business or property, divorce settlements, winning the lottery,…

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2017 Year End Market Commentary

Read our year end commentary for an overview of the market’s performance in 2017, including our thoughts on a surprising equity rally and historically low volatility.

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Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Arguably the most popular buzzword in the global economy right now is “cryptocurrency.” While Bitcoin is currently the most well-known cryptocurrency, most people don’t understand it beyond the hype and reported skyrocketing value. The overarching goal of any cryptocurrency is to replace cash, credit, and electronic wire transactions with a digital medium of exchange that…

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4 Financial Resolutions to Kick-Off 2018

You’ll Thank Yourself a Year from Now! With New Year’s right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make resolutions before the calendar flips to January 1st. The 7th Annual New Year’s Resolution Survey found that many resolutions made last year were focused on faith, family, and personal wellness. Unfortunately, financial stability trailed far…

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Is the stock market overdue for a market correction?

We haven’t had a drop in the stock market of 3% to 5%, in an abnormally long period of time. And we’ve never seen an environment quite like this one. Our advice to clients has been to play it cautiously, while at the same time teaching clients how to understand what they should do during…

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2018 Wealth Management Tips

Advice for 2018: “Focus on creating a spending and saving budget with your advisor and stick to it.” Calvin Goetz’s 2018 wealth management tips were featured in AZ Business Magazine, including which trend to watch, top advice, and his suggested Arizona investment. Read the full article here:

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