Life Insurance

Have You Reviewed Your Insurance Policies Lately?

For high-net-worth individuals, having insurance is not only a matter of protecting assets but also ensuring peace of mind. Without insurance, you’re one accident or lawsuit away from draining your savings and jeopardizing your financial security. So, it is critical to have a comprehensive insurance plan that covers all potential risks. Let’s do a quick…

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4 Risks That Can Impact Your Retirement

Even with careful planning and diligent saving, some parts of retirement planning are out of your control. Here’s a look at four common retirement risks and how to address them. 1. Longer Life Expectancy There are many benefits to living longer, but it also means carefully considering strategies to avoid outliving your savings. You are…

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Discover All That Life Insurance Can Offer

If your emotions tend to become solemn when you consider life insurance, we get it. Many of us only think of life insurance as a tool to support our families if we were to unexpectedly pass away — and none of us wants to think about that. But the reality is life insurance can be…

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Life Insurance As An Asset Class

When asked to list out the different assets that they own, people typically respond with real estate, vehicles, retirement accounts, bank accounts, and other investments. And sometimes they forget to list life insurance policies. Life insurance, as an asset class, can come in very handy, especially for higher-income earners. It’s one of the only places…

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What makes Strategy Financial Group different?

We are often asked, “What makes you different?” The question isn’t always that direct; it can come in a variety of forms, but we get some iteration of that inquiry often. In this video, we are going to answer that question.

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Life Insurance Isn’t One Size Fits All

How to compare plans based on your specific needs The basic premise behind life insurance is simple: You pay premiums to an insurance company, which then pays your beneficiaries a certain amount after you die. But not all life insurance policies are alike. In fact, the right policy for one person may be precisely the…

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