Short-Term Investing

When you think about short-term investing what comes to mind? We talk about long-term investing strategies regularly, but in this video we walk you through short-term investing.

A short-term investment typically seeks to protect capital while generating returns. For many people there are various short-terms inside of a larger long-term. Your financial life is not start and stop but instead a cycle and one that benefits from balance.

So, what is a short-term investment? A short-term investment is a marketable security or investment that can be converted to cash within a short time period.

Many short-term investments are sold within the 3-12 month mark. These temporary investments have two main qualifications: The first is, convertibility; these investments must be easily transferred into cash. Second, the management company must expect to sell or convert to cash within the 3-12 month timeframe. As a general principle, if it can’t be easily sold, it isn’t a marketable security.

A few examples of short-term investments may include stocks, options and ETFs. These investments offer flexibility by minimizing the wait time for conversion.

Short-term investments are typically initiated with a certain goal in mind. Maybe it’s a dream vacation that you want to experience with your family, perhaps you are planning on getting married, or are looking to put a down payment on your dream home. A short-term investment may be an option to consider for these goals.

Decisions surrounding the way that you invest in the short-term can seem daunting but a financial professional like the advisors at Strategy Financial Group can help to guide you through that process. Your financial advisor can customize a plan that aligns with your short-term goals while factoring in a broader view of your overall investment strategy.

If you have been considering short-term investing or would like to talk about how we have helped our clients reach their goals, click here to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with an advisor. We’d love to further the conversation.

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