SECURE Act 2.0: What Changes Can We Expect?

There is another bill making the rounds in Congress called the Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2021. It has been nicknamed the SECURE Act 2.0. What changes could we see if this second act passes?

  1. IRA owners will be able to wait until the age of 75 to begin taking their Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). This would happen over a 10-year timeframe, starting at 73 in 2022 and 74 in 2029, before reaching 75 in 2033.
  2. Catch-up provisions would begin to scale with inflation.
  3. Older workers would be allowed to make larger catch-up contributions than they are currently able to.
  4. Roth provisions could be expanded to SIMPLE and SEP IRAs, and catch-up contributions could be made into the Roth portion.
  5. Employers would be allowed to match into the Roth portion of a retirement savings account.
  6. Penalties for failing to take an RMD would be significantly reduced.

What are the chances something like this passes? Surprisingly good. The bill reportedly has strong support in both houses across both parties. 

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